Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gilded Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays to All!

This is the first year i attempted a designer Christmas tree and I am really quite pleased with the results. I wanted to do a silver tree to match our grey living room, but because I plan to do Maroon and gold when we move on to our forever home I figured I should try to mix the gold and silver, so i don't waste any baubles,

I watched several helpful Christmas tree decorating tutorials on youtube!
Some good tips I got were to 
1. Put shiny baubles on the inside of the tree in order to reflect more light around.
2. I also learned how to make the big bows from youtube
3. Always buy much much more than you think you will need! (This tree has 1,000 lights on it and I think it could have used more personally!)

I bought all of the Christmas tree decorations from 4 stores!
Michael's- Black friday has great deals it was 30% off sale items and most Christmas stuff was on sale- I purchased all of the picks and basic silver and white baubles from here (they are my favorites - so chic! along with the large Camelia flower picks)
I also bought large ponsietta\
Hobby Lobby- I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time- INCREDIBLE- at hobby lobby I bought the ornament hooks (these are a must have as they completely elevate the look of the tree) I also purchased the larger shiny and matte gold baubles.
Macy's- Macy's was very, very expensive in comparison to the other items, but I got some baubles and finials that gave the tree a more luxurious vibe
99c store- I bought some larger filler baubles, bells, stars, reindeer, and the tree topper here! Most of the baubles have glitter on, which I think can look a bit tacky, but the mix made it ok.

Leah! xx

Sunday, November 15, 2015

I Said Yes!

I got engaged in Rome last month! Harry planned a surprise vacation for us, but wouldn't reveal where we were going until we got to the airport. Rome is an incredibly romantic city, the way the light hits the ancient stone buildings and shines through the skyline. We spent the entire weekend strolling the streets, sight seeing around every corner, indulging in pastas and gelatos. Harry planned a celebration dinner at La Terreza, a GORGEOUS restaurant in the city. On the last day he took me to the Villa Borghese and got down on one knee! Now its time to start planning!

Leah! xx

Saturday, September 5, 2015

London Views- Vista Bar at the Trafalgar Hotel

Autumn has finally hit London, but I was lucky enough to catch our last day of the summer sun, while sipping cocktails at Vista, the famous rooftop bar in the Trafalgar hotel. I have been to the top of a lot buildings and rooftop bars in London, but this was by far the BEST view of London I have seen! As you are not too high up or too far down, you can see all the details that make London so charming whilst still being able to take it all in. Plus the location gives access to the best sites- you can see The Shard, The London Eye (below), Big Ben, the tip of Westminster Abbey and of course Trafalgar square. It was so worth the trip up! The cocktails and food weren't too bad either! I had an elderflower and gin cocktail with a Spanish sharing platter. The perfect way to end the summer! 

 Leah! xx

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Barbecoa London

Had A lovely family lunch at Jamie Oliver's newest restaurant in London, Barbecoa! I must admit I am a fan of Jamie Oliver's cooking shows the way the film them, makes them look like food porn. I ordered the chicken at the time and I didn't love it. BUT the desserts were spot on! So cute.

Enjoy! xx

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