Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Gilded Christmas Tree

Happy Holidays to All!

This is the first year i attempted a designer Christmas tree and I am really quite pleased with the results. I wanted to do a silver tree to match our grey living room, but because I plan to do Maroon and gold when we move on to our forever home I figured I should try to mix the gold and silver, so i don't waste any baubles,

I watched several helpful Christmas tree decorating tutorials on youtube!
Some good tips I got were to 
1. Put shiny baubles on the inside of the tree in order to reflect more light around.
2. I also learned how to make the big bows from youtube
3. Always buy much much more than you think you will need! (This tree has 1,000 lights on it and I think it could have used more personally!)

I bought all of the Christmas tree decorations from 4 stores!
Michael's- Black friday has great deals it was 30% off sale items and most Christmas stuff was on sale- I purchased all of the picks and basic silver and white baubles from here (they are my favorites - so chic! along with the large Camelia flower picks)
I also bought large ponsietta\
Hobby Lobby- I went to Hobby Lobby for the first time- INCREDIBLE- at hobby lobby I bought the ornament hooks (these are a must have as they completely elevate the look of the tree) I also purchased the larger shiny and matte gold baubles.
Macy's- Macy's was very, very expensive in comparison to the other items, but I got some baubles and finials that gave the tree a more luxurious vibe
99c store- I bought some larger filler baubles, bells, stars, reindeer, and the tree topper here! Most of the baubles have glitter on, which I think can look a bit tacky, but the mix made it ok.

Leah! xx
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