Monday, February 29, 2016

Valentine's Day Mantel

Just a little snip of our February decor. I usually spread a bit more cheer than just decorating the mantel piece, but we are moving soon (hopefully!), so the flat is a bit out of sorts. Hopefully, next year I will able to do a tablescape and some other bits.

The flowers I snagged at Marshalls in the states, on my most recent trip. They were gorgeous and only $13 each... unbelieveable! In fact almost everything on the mantel is from Marshalls. The H was a DIY from a while ago, although not perfect, giant letters can cost a lot and this one cost me nothing. I made it from a giant piece of cardboard, glue, newspaper, and paint. 

I hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! Much love to everyone!

xx Leah

Friday, February 26, 2016

Top 6 Favorite Sunglasses for Spring

Lately I've been catching an almost blinding ray of sun on my walk into work from London Bridge station and it always gets me thinking... its time to go sunglass shopping! Maybe its just me being optimistic, but spring/summer is almost here (I don't care that the car says it is 1.5˚c out) and I'm nothing if not prepared. So now I have the daunting task of picking, which of this season's AMAZING sunnies to purchase. 

Let me know which ones you think I should get!


Christian Dior round sunglasses
£630 -

Christian dior sunglasses
£390 -

CÉLINE cat eye glasses
£255 -

Prada sunglasses
£275 -

Prada sunglasses

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