Tuesday, March 22, 2016

The Casa Del Mar Wedding Venue

Yay! We finally chose our wedding venue- and let me tell you- it was NOT an easy task. However, I do think I have picked the very best one. The decision was so difficult for me because we were stuck between two very unique venues, The Casa Del Mar and The Vibiana. I was determined to make my decision without having to hop a flight to LA, but flying out was the best decision I ever made. 

I had been leaning toward The Vibiana because of the grandeur. Anyone who has seen the venue in photos must admit the grand entrance definitely packs a punch, but upon going to the actual venue I was a little disappointed. The location was less than stellar and definitely had an impact on the site. The room itself lacked a bit of an it factor for me, I'm not entirely sure what it was. I'm sure many people find the age of the building to be part of its charm, but for me I think paired with the brown, it was a bit blah. It could in part be due to the fact that the windows were all shut for my visit. The second and I think biggest downside to The Vibiana would be their recently made over bridal suite, which is a hideous hue of dark teal- NOT how I envisioned getting ready for the big day. I could see myself having trippy Alice in Wonderland themed panic attacks induced by the room color- it really is THAT bad. 

Anyways, enough about the negatives, let's get to the positives of the CDM. Going straight to a meeting after getting off of the worst flight of your life, (thank you British Airways) is never an easy task, but pulling up to the outside of the hotel we were instantly greeted by several people ready to assist and put you at ease. The inside foyer of the CDM is dramatic and does not show up on google image search as much as it should. The inside exudes understated elegance and I instantly understand the meaning of California Chic. There is a luxurious bar and romantic draped booths, not to mention the room itself (see photos). I mean ... damn. There is a bridal suite and groom's room right next to the ballroom and they are both lovely and elegant, with mini sitting rooms. Gorgeous. 

There are honestly too many pros to list in a blog post, staff (Liz is amazing), service, extras, etc) So if you are having the same dillemmas or are doubting the CDM as a wedding venue, I urge you to go check it out, because I went in there doubtful and totally changed my opinion... which is rare for me!



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