Monday, September 19, 2016

New Kitchen Tour!

The dream is real! We finally have our new kitchen. There are soon many things I want to share with you guys. It took loads of planning and two weeks of work, but it's a success. However, I'm afraid no good kitchen remodel is complete without a before picture. So if you want to see before scroll to the bottom where I hid the ugliness.

We chose our kitchen from Wickes (a British equivalent of home depot), the range is called Kendall cream. I picked the style because I felt it was classic and modern, yet still timeless. One of my decorating pet peeves is when people pick high trend items and they become very dated. In my opinion high gloss kitchens are the next avocado bathroom suites. Buyer Beware!- but all styles will age with time.

Initially I was torn between white and cream, because my favorite kitchen I have ever seen is Rachel Parcell's gorgeous white and marble kitchen from It is hands down the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. Never the less, Wickes discontinued the white and the decision was made for us. The cream then influenced the design approach I wanted to take. It felt a bit more warm to me so I leaned more towards country chic and then added the high gloss tiles to add a more modern twist. Its very appropriate as we do live in Surrey.

The next really cool design feature we have in the kitchen is the high gloss white ceramic floor tiles. I repeated them as a backsplash around the wall as well. Most people use smaller tiles as backsplashes, but having smaller tiles means have more grout lines, which means more potential for dirt! Not only is it practical, but its also cost effective.

We found this amazing spice organizer on Amazon. I love the design because it lets you see all of your spices laid out, as well as being able to hold quite a lot of spices.

One of the more designer aspects of our kitchen was this pull out cabinet. Its not the most efficient use of space, but it is super convenient.

All of our appliances are Russell Hobbs classic range in chrome. The tea bag tin is Emma Bridge water and the adorable cookbook holder and the chicken oven mitt (below) is Laura Ashley.

Our before photo... yikes



  1. I LOVE that recipe holder! How cute is that!?! Great job on your new kitchen, long may you cook in it! :-)


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