Saturday, October 1, 2016

Gucci Stripes

It goes without saying that Gucci has absolutely amazed with their new collection. I am a girl obsessed. So when I got this Gucci mini skirt as a birthday present for myself in late July, I had been dying to wear it ever since.  It's classic Gucci with their signature stripe and timeless style. 

I originally pictured it as the perfect summer outfit, paired with a cream pussy-blow blouse, picnic-ing in Green Park or strolling down boutique lined shops, but weekend after weekend we got busy and I never had the chance to wear it. Then soon enough Autumn arrived and I thought my chance to wear it would be gone, I was devastated to think I would have to wait an entire year to wear this gorgeous piece.... that is until I found this navy pussy-blow blouse. It transformed the outfit into Autumn perfection and at last I got to wear my favorite purchase of the season! 

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