Sunday, October 1, 2017

5 New Season Trends

The head to toe red look has to be my favorite autumn trend by a mile. I have always loved red, so pulling an all red look is so exciting. If you want to go fully fledged, I would pull together a tailored all red ensemble but if you want to soften the look, I would pair a thick red jumper with a knit midi skirt. Either way... OBSESSED!

I was so excited thigh high boots were coming back, but to be honest I was bringing them back whether they were on trend or not :) I love the thigh high boot, because they're not only sexy, but they are also comfortable and warm! For someone who freezes their ass off in winter trying to keep warm is so helpful. Plus, they are big in all different textures suede, leather, vinyl, so you can easily mix it up. 

I saw so many bloggers rocking the most beautiful floral dresses from Zimmerman during the summer and I massively regret not investing in a piece. However, there are tons of gorgeous high street options to rock into autumn. For me this is one of the best pieces to invest in, because its amazingly versatile. Pair it with a chunky knit and thigh high boots or with a caged heel and cropped motorcycle jacket, there are infinite options for the floral midi dress. 
My style is usually a bit more classic and feminine than vinyl or leather. In fact I have somehow managed 20 some years without a leather jacket, but something about the vinyl trend being so edgy just draws me to it. My favorite vinyl piece would be a vinyl mini skirt with a slogan tee tucked in or even a knit.
This trend is so sweet, it encompasses everything hand crafted- embroidery, shearling, hand stitching etc. Its a much softer take on the boho chic look. My favorite piece is the burgundy chiffon playsuit below, paired with some knee high sued boots and a shearling gilet... perfection! 


  1. I need some balls to buy thigh highs !! Lovely trends!

  2. i'm so into floral dresses and reds right now as well as pearls. i need to get an autumn maxi dress.

  3. Amazing post x

    Molly X

  4. Great trends hun. Everyone, including me, is going crazy for red right now xx

  5. I'm really into red and folk clothing trends.


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