Friday, January 26, 2018

My 2017 Highlights & Reflections

Harry and I have had an amazing year! It's always a great idea to reflect on the last year and to remain grateful for all the blessings you have had. 
I started the year recovering from surgery so we had a bit of a slow start, but we definitely made up for it. Our first trip was the start of our honeymoon year and we flew off to Bangkok, Krabi, Ubud, and Singapore. It was an eye opening two week trip and I saw so much beautiful scenery. You can see the blog  of our trip here!

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Valentine's Day Gift Guide 2018

I don't know about you... but if you are ANYTHING like me you have already started thinking about your Valentine's Day gifts. Looking forwards to Valentine's day always helps me break the post holiday depression after Christmas. Plus what a better idea than to celebrate all the people you love in your life!


Sunday, January 7, 2018

5 Ideas to Inspire Your New Year's Resolutions

I love New Year's Resolutions. I know a lot of people really don't like them and they get a lot of negative attention, (read my post here about setting positive new year's resolutions ) so much so, that people try to effectively re-brand them as intentions or goals etc.  So call them whatever you like, regardless of the branding, setting some type of goal and reflecting back on your life is important. We do these kind of yearly reviews or feedback activities at work and in our outside hobbies, so why would we not look to improve ourselves on our own terms.

I'm probably a bit late to the game, but while I was doing some research, when my hubby and I were setting our own goals, I stumbled upon some amazing new year's resolutions inspiration and wanted to share here. What I found were some topics to inspire your new year's resolutions and reboot all the different parts of your life. I also thought I'd share some of my own goals in the ideas as well!
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