Monday, March 5, 2018

4 Ways to Stay Warm this Spring

If you have had read this blog even more than once, you will know I am constantly freezing. I don't know what it is, but I am always cold. It could have something to do with living in London, but to be honest that's probably only half of it. My mother always told me, 'Cold hands, warm heart' but the only thing I believed is 'Cold hands, boring clothes.' This has especially rung true during Spring, when most of my American blogger friends are out in their ever so effortless Spring dresses and I am in gloomy London, freezing. Not to mention the snowy cold front that has recently engulfed London this week and has left me chilled to the bone. So I've made it my mission to introduce some Spring into my wardrobe without having to suffer through the cold.

I am all about the faux fur coat. I have loved them for always and now that they are on trend its even more of a bonus. My last post had some amazing neon faux fur coats and a couple posts before that I featured some Christmas inspired faux fur coats, but my all time favorite is the PASTEL FAUX FUR COAT. Despite being a blogger, I am actually rather frugal with my shopping, but I have genuinely purchased 4 pastel faux fur coats this season... FOUR! They tick all the boxes, they're incredibly warm, effortlessly chic and cool -at the same time-, and they are very comfortable.

I spend most of my days in my London office building 9-5 shivering in my office chair, so the statement sweater has become one of my wardrobe staples. I particularly like a chunky knit with turtle neck and hopefully in a wool blend. They truly make a statement though when they are in a soft gorgeous pastel shade (try lilac for this season!). There is just something I appreciate about not freezing all day long in the office... come to think of it I also don't want to freeze all day long out or at home, which is why something so versatile as a chunky knit is essential.

The over the knee boot or OTK boot, is the key to unlocking several outfit combinations you could not otherwise wear in Spring. How else could you pair that new plaid mini skirt with chunky sweater if not for a pair of over the knee boots to keep you warm or that gorgeous chiffon pink midi dress? I would also recommend sticking on a pair of biker shorts or spanks underneath to keep you that much warmer.

I have been a huge fan of the double pom pom beanie trend. While most of my style isn't really trend led, I will pick up on a trend when its chic and remains true to my style, which leads me to the faux fur beanie. It's not just the beanie though, we've seen some awesome scarves, which scream Spring. I've always thought of accessories as an amazing way to inject some color into an outfit or add a touch of designer.



  1. Statement sweaters and OTK boots are my ways of staying warm. Nice post.

    Bernie, xx

  2. Over the knee boots aren't just warm, but they look incredibly stylish!
    Thank you for the warm tips ;)

    Lots of love ♥ Janury Girl

  3. These are good ideas. Over the knee boots are the best.

  4. Lovely ideas! I really like your blog :)

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  7. Amazing post!!!

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  8. I love to play with cozy and fun accessories like hats and scarves even tough here in the desert it doesn't get cold much.

  9. So many cool trends that can keep us warm! Adore a good faux fur coat and some statement over the knee boots. Have a nice day! xx



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