Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Dressing Room Desires

I can't believe I am about to say this, but the upstairs of our house is almost finished! It has been a long, hard, and grueling last 2 months renovating, but so worth it (kind of). As soon as Harry and I arrived back from our wedding planning trip to LA, we found a tenant for our flat and had to move out in a matter of days. We dumped all of our possessions in the downstairs of our new home and retreated to Harry's parents' house for two weeks, while we attempted to chip away at the DIY and painting. After two weeks we decided to move into our place, so we set up camp on our spare bed in the middle of our living room... YES, we had a full size bed in our living room! And it was only until this last Saturday that we got the bed moved into our bedroom upstairs. So there will be a bedroom post soon (hopefully).
Dressing Room Desires

Our new home has what British people like to call 3 bedrooms, but what I (as an American) like to call 2 bedrooms and a closet ;) so I thought I'd post some inspiration for my new dressing room. Blush and gold have always been my colors, since I was 13 years old and all of my cool friends loved red and black and Paul Frank, but I wanted a pink and gold Bat Mitzvah. Je ne regret rien! Anyway I can't wait to see how the final product turns out! 


Monday, April 11, 2016

Duck Egg Guest Room

The renovations on the new house are going on as we speak! Its been a tough haul, lots of DIY and late nights, but I'm sure it will be worth it. We have some pretty cool new features that I can't wait to share with you guys.

The inspiration below is for the spare bedroom. Right now I'm not 100% sure we will keep it as a guest room permanently, but we will definitely have space for guests to sleep. I chose the Brusali bedroom suite from Ikea for all the furniture. I love the white clean look- matching furniture creates an upscale look. 

The most important thing I learned from this room, was to pick a boutique paint shop. The first time we attempted to paint a room a light blue color we chose one from the hardware shop and it turned out hideous. I always buy my paints from Laura Ashley now, so that even if I pick the wrong color it will still be a chic color! Also their pale duck egg paint and Josette wallpaper is my FAV.


Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Champagne Bedroom Inspiration

In honor of finally getting keys to the new house, I'm posting my first decor inspiration!

With so much going on all the time I find it so much easier to keep track of my thoughts and ideas by creating these little inspiration boards and a co-ordinating Pinterest board (follow me here!). Best of all, I can organize the actual products that are going in the room, in addition to color schemes etc.

The inspiration for the Champagne bedroom came from our gorgeous bed, which I already have in our current room (pictures don't do it justice). In our current bedroom, Harry and I struggled to decide a color we both wanted for the walls. I always knew I wanted pale pink/blush bedding, so it was a struggle find a color that matched, but was "manly" enough for a shared bedroom, so we settled on a pale green. However, the paint we ended up painting was much bluer and I am not a fan! SO, having learned my lesson I knew I wanted to stick with a lighter, neutral, color scheme as they are timeless, elegant, lighter, and make a room look bigger. I can't wait until we can finally get all of the paint and furniture into the actual room and see how it goes from inspiration to REALITY!
Champagne Bedroom Inspiration

Friday, March 4, 2016

Affordable Office Wear

As we are 1 month out from getting our greedy hands on the keys to our new house, I have had to be... shall we say... more affordable? Its not like I have ever dropped major cash on clothing, as I love to find high end pieces at more affordable prices, but lately I have been highly conscious of the fact that all the money I save can be spent on, gold mirrored bedside tables, faux peonies, and gorgeous coving, so I have stopped myself from making quite a few clothing purchases. However, I am in actual, desperate need for office wear. So, it was only natural I went on a hunt for more affordable, high fashion office finds, which led me to the Mango sale. I can't wait for them to arrive AND hopefully, they give me wardrobe a much needed lift!Office Skirts

MANGO lace pencil skirt
£24 -

MANGO zipper skirt
£14 -

MANGO panel skirt
£14 -


Friday, February 26, 2016

Top 6 Favorite Sunglasses for Spring

Lately I've been catching an almost blinding ray of sun on my walk into work from London Bridge station and it always gets me thinking... its time to go sunglass shopping! Maybe its just me being optimistic, but spring/summer is almost here (I don't care that the car says it is 1.5˚c out) and I'm nothing if not prepared. So now I have the daunting task of picking, which of this season's AMAZING sunnies to purchase. 

Let me know which ones you think I should get!


Christian Dior round sunglasses
£630 -

Christian dior sunglasses
£390 -

CÉLINE cat eye glasses
£255 -

Prada sunglasses
£275 -

Prada sunglasses

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